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~ Internet Princess
~ cuddle slut
~ future Canadian
~ scum
~ trash
~ piece of shit

I post things I like. I like Chinese cartoons, video games & some music I guess.

WARNING: Lewd Ass He'll


when ppl start talkin shit about someone who treated you like garbage


If you like her Instagram picture you might as well go fuck her in the ass cuz I know you want to you lying ugly piece of shit

supersolenoidengine asked: *Kyousuke talking to guy friend at school* "You know how when your sister jacks you off sometimes it's like, she doesn't even know what she's doing, what the hell is up with that" "What the fuck Kyousuke" "What doesn't your sister jack you off" "No holy shit" "Weirdo"

Kyousuke at the school camping trip, while telling Sexe Stories under the tent,  is shocked to learn that his don’t go over quite so well. My Older Brother Can’t Be This Socially Ruined, coming soon!

she suffered, was memed on and buried. on the third week she rose again, in fufillment of the scriptures

silenthlll asked: those tweets are terrifying tbh like "I was at peace" sounds really ominous and uuuuuuuhg

God Bless Oreimo